Peace & Quiet - double album compilation

by Japetus

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    This is a double album compilation of the very best tracks from the Visionary Journeys catalogue by Japetus.

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To help support a stress-free lifestyle...

Peace & Quiet is a superb compilation of relaxing music tracks released by Japetus over the last 20 years. These compositions are ideal for use with any positive healing process including massage, counseling, tai chi, yoga and various types of therapy.

This blissful music can also create a restful sleep environment for people of all ages to help support a stress-free lifestyle. The music is rich and colourful providing inspiration for guided meditations. It can be played very quietly during study or at work and still have a positive influence even at low volume.

There are two albums in this relaxation set. The first album Peace contains the tracks with more movement and the second album called Quiet has the still tracks. Each track is taken out of context from its original concept album and carefully blended together by Japetus in an unbroken flow without compromising the original musical work.

This is a comprehensive collection of beautiful soothing music that everyone will enjoy... any time you need some Peace & Quiet in your life.


released September 22, 2002

Perceived, performed, arranged, written, recorded and produced by Japetus.



all rights reserved


Japetus Byron Bay, Australia

A multi-award winning multimedia artist creating a range of products including ambient albums, nature videos, artwork, creative writing...

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Track Name: Forest of Dreams
The visualisation that accompanies this track is -

Sit or lie in a comfortable, quiet place. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. We are now entering into a world of imagination, where thoughts are real and symbols are richly treasured. Behind your eyes, all is dark. Now, imagine that we are riding face down on etheric surfboards through a small dim cave but ahead there is a light, growing larger and stronger and brighter.

Slowly paddling up stream we go through a shimmering waterfall and out into the open. All around us the golden pre-dawn light filters down through the trees that reach up above us and seem to be touching the limitless sky. We are in our dream bodies now, paddling up stream along the mighty river of Life that sustains our outer form. We have come here in search of our greatest truth. This is our journey and as we paddle we know this forest is our dreams. We are in control here and we must discover and learn all we can about this new and wonderful inner world.

This crystal river flows from the distant mountains and pours down to feed the sea of our physical being. Now, as we continue to breathe evenly in and out, we paddle forward with equally effortless strokes. We notice that our etheric surfboard is opaque and crystalline. Looking more closely we see it has seven different coloured spinning flowers in an evenly spaced line up the middle. All around along the river bank tall trees tower overhead. Thick and twisted vines hang down from the canopy, dangling in the water. As we paddle we notice golden flashes of light streaking through the water below the board, carried by the flow. These are glowing crystals of pure inspiration on their way down and out.

The forest is rich and green and the dreams grow bright and strong. But we seek greater wealth than dreams alone. We are journeying beyond, to the source of our being. However, before we can enter that sacred inner realm we must first climb to the peaks of the mountain ridge ahead and then pass through a doorway of light. For now, even as we watch, the forest is beginning to thin out around us as we paddle up into the foothills. Below the board we can now see a school of beautiful glowing rainbow trout swimming effortlessly with us up the stream. We wish we could swim as easily as they do and with that thought the board dissolves and we dive down into the water with them.
Track Name: Responsibility of Totality
Excerpt from the guided visualisation:

Down below, we can see a gathering of light beings in what appears to be a huge spiral amphitheatre. Like an etheric choir, each being is meditating on a great thought and, as a group, they translate the totality of abstract principles, down into accessible and useful ideas. It is their responsibility to project these thoughts into the receptive minds of humanity. Those were the lights we saw shimmering across the sky and turning into sparkles that flowed down the river, streaking through the water below the surfboard. Pure inspiration. A whole range of different colours and notes ripple out from this gathering so as to cloth these great thoughts in way that we can understand. But ahead, we can see a red patch appearing through the yellow. This doorway into another silver tube is lit soft red by the light at the end. And along it we pass, through into a more intense red.
Track Name: Cascade
No visualisation yet...
Track Name: New Dawn
No visualisation yet....
Track Name: Gateway
No visualisation yet....
Track Name: Crystal Dance
No visualisation yet....
Track Name: The Threshold
No visualisation yet....
Track Name: Dawn
This opening sequence is a stilling and centring and calming phase creating the environment for the journey.


Relax and breathe. Relax and breathe.... Imagine that you are lying on a soft towel on a warm, soothing beach.... as the early morning rays of the sun play on your skin... and on the sea... and on the sand... a distant temple bell rings out across the endless waves and a soft breeze blows through wind-chimes, dispersing your cares and worries and fears.... as you breathe.... breathe in the life-force that surrounds you....

Breathe slowly from the solar plexus in time with the music... breathing in.... and breathing out.... breathing in.... and breathing out.... and as you breathe gaze up into the infinite sky and prepare for a wonderful journey beyond... Feel the sand under your spine and relax into it. You are safe and warm here as you now begin to sense the more subtle areas of your being.
Track Name: Connections of Gossamer
Excerpt from the guided visualisation:

As the silver tube disappears, we are floating in limitless gold, over a network of golden gossamer threads. It is from here that all is made complete and whole. This is where the path comes from and the lake and all the realisations including this final realisation. It is the understanding of the path, of this brilliant space and of the pure creative potential we all have within us. Holding this vision, we can now see the completeness of the whole journey and the golden threads that link all things together.
Track Name: Cloud Nine
No visualisation yet.
Track Name: Starlite
No visualisation yet.
Track Name: Angel Song
No visualisation yet.
Track Name: Tales from Atlantis
Perceived, performed, arranged, written and produced by Japetus.
Track Name: The Source
Floating in pure bliss, we watch the swirls of golden mist drift up into the air above. Whole and refreshed and at one, we relax completely and gaze upwards. Through the mists, against a soft purple sky, we can now notice five brightly coloured giant balls floating overhead, making the shape of a pentagram. We are curious but too deeply immersed in the radiance to pursue it now. Just let the joy flow through and breathe it all in. Breathing in the radiance. We must remember this feeling of all consuming oneness. It is a place where you can now come at will, to find healing and regeneration. Also remember the hovering pentagram, for we will be returning our focus to it shortly.
Track Name: Bliss
No visualisation yet.