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Visionary Journeys - free music sampler

by Japetus

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Starlite 03:03
Cloud Nine 03:04
Tranquillity 02:59
Infinity 02:59
The forest is rich and green and the dreams grow bright and strong. But we seek greater wealth than dreams alone. We are journeying beyond, to the source of our being. However, before we can enter that sacred inner realm we must first climb to the peaks of the mountain ridge ahead and then pass through a doorway of light. For now, even as we watch, the forest is beginning to thin out around us as we paddle up into the foothills. Below the board we can now see a school of beautiful glowing rainbow trout swimming effortlessly with us up the stream. We wish we could swim as easily as they do and with that thought the board dissolves and we dive down into the water with them.
Gateway 03:07
Cascade 02:57
The Journey 02:59
I would like you to imagine that you are now about to undertake a journey of spiritual rebirth through the different regions of the Egyptian underworld. The important thing to remember is that you are taking the role of the Sun-god and this means you will be bringing your light and radiance to the dark regions of the Tuat. You will notice that as you shine your light forth, any menacing images will recede before you, retreating as you pass by. Remember at all times that you are the dominant force in the Tuat - you are the Sun itself - and this is your journey of self-transformation. Now, as you lie relaxed, I would like you to imagine that, like a mummy, you are protected by embalming bandages. Imagine them first looped around your feet and now imagine that they encircle your body all the way up your legs and your arms and your chest, to your chin: leaving your head uncovered. Accustom yourself to this feeling and sense the protective, armouring quality which the bandages provide. And now focus your consciousness in your head. I'd like you to imagine that your head is filled with luminous spiritual radiance so that you are rather like a beacon sending your rays of light in all directions And now feel that you are traveling on a boat which is drawn along by other gods who surround and protect you, and that this boat is passing down into the earth along a mighty river. It is a vast and awesome river that stretches before you, but you are its master, and as the boat moves serenely in the waters the darkness fills with the light you send forth. Imagine also, as you move along, that a wonderful song is coming forth from your heart, and that this is the Song of Life which sustains all positive forms within the Tuat. Now, as you journey further, you come to the Field of the Gods of Grain and you are given nourishment fresh food from the golden fields to sustain you on your journey. And still you continue and as you go further into the Tuat you hear songs of praise rise up in your honour.
Awakening 03:01
Transformation Sit relaxed in a comfortable chair with your hands resting on your knees and close your eyes. Feel the solidity of your chair and imagine that, like a king or queen seated on a throne, you are surveying your domain - the world around you. Now imagine that your throne is gradually transforming into a chariot. Wheels manifest on each side and two majestic winged horses appear before you - one white, the other black. They now prepare to draw your chariot up into the sky, taking you to the sacred world. Gradually you gather pace and momentum and it is like leaving your terrestrial, earthbound personality behind as you soar away on an adventure of the spirit. You can place your total trust in the horses drawing your chariot, for they are lifting you to higher, transcendental realms.
The Moon 01:34
18 The Moon We have come to an ocean shore. Waves lap against the beach and, as we watch, a lobster struggles forth onto land. Now two animals parade before us. One is a shaggy wolf, aggressive and hostile. The other is a domestic dog, friendly and protective. This dog leads us up a path towards a rocky outcrop, and as we come closer we see a fortress in the distance. Now we look up into the sky. A beautiful silver crescent Moon fills the heavens. The Moon showers us with a cascade of silver droplets. Element: Water
5 The Hierophant As we ascend the mystic mountain we arrive at the Temple of the Sacred Song. Seated before us on a splendid throne is the God of Wisdom. He is awesome to behold. He is the guardian of our secret name. As we bow before him a wonderful song rises up within us and we rejoice. Elements: Earth and Water
Cosmos 03:07
Cosmos Now I'd like you just to reflect for a moment on how you have brought this whole cosmos of the Zodiac to life in your body. Reaffirm the feeling that white light has passed from the crown of your head down to your feet and feel that you now reach from earth way up to the heavens. You feel huge, without limits. You are part of the Cosmos. Now I would like you to imagine the white light, which is down in your feet, retracing its course up through the centre of your body. Think of it like a liquid stream of energy and raise it slowly from your feet, up through your thighs, your abdomen, your chest and your neck until once again it is focused in your head. Now I would like you to stand with your legs apart. Keep your eyes closed and extend your arms out horizontally on each side as you face ahead. We are now standing in the shape of the Human Pentagram. Still focusing the white light in your head, I'd like you now to imagine it streaming clockwise in a circle so that you can see it in your mind's eye, moving in an arc around to your right hand. And now the white light continues in an arc down to your right foot. Now it passes from your right foot across to your left foot, and now it begins to climb in an arc of radiance towards your left hand. And now the light continues on its path and comes back up to your head, completing the Circle of Radiance. And you stand within it, affirming the whole circle of white light feeling it pulse around you, and you radiate the love of the Universe. And just think this thought to yourself: The Cosmos is within me: the Cosmos and I are One The Cosmos is within me: the Cosmos and I are One The Cosmos is within me, the Cosmos and I are One And now, if you would like to lie down on a cushion or rest in a chair to reflect quietly on that, please feel free to do so.
Springtime 02:59
Dawn 02:59
Journey 03:04


This music sampler has a selection of 23 x 3 minute music excerpts and allows customers to obtain a whole overview of the Visionary Journeys catalogue (or just individual tracks) to enjoy on their computer or iDevice to see how well they work in their daily lives.

These excerpts include 'music only' tracks but no guided visualisations. Each track is listed chronologically from the most recent in 2002 back to the start in 1983.

The tracks on Visionary Journeys are much shorter than the original tracks, a bit like 'singles'. They are designed purely as an introduction for customers to the styles within the catalogue before purchasing full albums.

All Japetus music is designed to be played very quietly in the background. Please turn it down until the volume is just above the threshold of hearing.


released May 1, 2000

Conceived, performed, recorded and produced by Japetus


all rights reserved



Japetus Byron Bay, Australia

A multi-award winning multimedia artist creating a range of products including ambient albums, spoken guided visualisations, nature videos, artwork, creative writing...

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