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by Japetus

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Floating...' is the story of this moment as we enter a new age and begin living and creating in 'New Time'.

This song came through on the 1st of August 1987 while I was walking 3kms back from the shops along a busy main road with no pen and paper and no mobile (not invented yet) and so I was forced to sing it out loud over the traffic and learn it as I walked home. When I got home I quickly grabbed my cassette deck and guitar and captured it almost finished.

This was 16 days before the first Harmonic Convergence en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonic_Convergence which was on the 17th of August 1987. I recently checked my journals from that time and, when I realised back then what the song was for, on the 14th I went into my home 8-track analogue studio and recorded a demo version, working from 10am to 2am the next morning. I made 20 cassette copies and gave them away at the dawn event in Bronte Beach park, Sydney, at dawn.

1987 was a time when my ambient music was peaking and I was focused on that so, like all my other inspired songs written behind the scenes, it fell into the background and I wasn't sure what to do with it because the Harmonic Convergence was not remotely mainstream and this song seemed decades ahead of its time.

But just like my ambient albums, I try not to do anything unless it has a sense of guidance to it (I tend to mess things up on my own) and I think of myself as 'ground crew' for the Universe. All those decades I didn't ever feel guided (from the same source as the song) to record it and it concerned me. I often felt like a failure and all these songs just seemed to be going to waste. I even had to deal with criticism from various partners as well.

I kept working on the songs all that time, rehearsing and arranging and practicing the delivery and working on song orders for the album. In recent years I have recorded various demo versions of some songs but the energy just wasn't there to draw me into recording them properly and release them. It didn't feel right. It didn't feel like the right time and I wasn't being moved from deep within.

Well, on the 9th of July 2012, shortly after Venus passing across the sun and becoming the Morning Star... it happened - I got the go ahead and the universe moved me. I spent 4 intense weeks recording the basis of the whole songs album. It was about half finished - from the ground up. But then nothing. By this stage it was obvious that the album was destined to be part of the 2012 Harmonic Convergence that culminates the whole 25 year process from 1987 and that its destiny was to help promote the new age and new time and new calendar that was starting on the December 21st solstice..

With the solstice bearing down on me it felt like a crazy idea doing it. How could I finish in time and get it up on iTunes? Why had it been left so late in the proceedings after 'writing' the song 25 years earlier? Well, the answer came straight back and it was obvious. There were two main points. One was that I had to become completely unattached to the song while also polishing it over all those decades. And secondly, it had to be created/ recorded/ released within the final lunar cycle (Baktun) before the 21st so it was embedded with the Converging energies of the moment. www.lawoftime.org/hc2012

Aside from the work of Jose Arguelles, 'Floating...' was also created with influences from the teachings of Silver Birch and Alice A. Bailey and I recommend exploring all their material. Special thanks of course must go to my 'inter-dimensional' friends who are the true authors of all my work. For more information about Japetus go to
For more information about the 2012 solstice event go to

So, here we are, floating...



Here we are floating in a galaxy of stars
In between two planets we call Venus and Mars
So many souls incarnate, here to learn and grow
A simple thing you’d think but we don’t seem to want to know.
We're way out of balance and we’re falling to the edge
Living on a mountain top and chipping at the ledge
But that’s not how it’s meant to be on planet Earth
Now it’s time for those who see to find what they deserve.

And they can’t believe the reason for the fighting
When there’s so much of love to give
And they can’t believe the fire we’re igniting
When there’s so much of life to live…

I can see the Bethlehem coming in across the dawn
Just like she did two thousand years before
I hear a voice calling somewhere inside my head
“It’s time to move into the light,” it said.

Because you’re all going up now into a new perception
Going to find a better way heading in the right direction
And gathered all around us smiling through the tears
Are all the answers we’ve dreamt about for years.

And they can’t believe the reason for the fighting
When there’s so much of love to give
And they can’t believe the fire we’re igniting
When there’s so much of life to live…


Quick as lightning everything will change
There’ll be a new world where to love will not seem strange
A new understanding based upon the law
Cause and effect and service flowing through the core.

And we’ll make Earth the paradise it’s supposed to be
And all the universe will come along to see
The human race is moving out towards those stars
And helping other planets who haven’t come that far.

And they won’t believe the reason for the fighting
When there’s so much of love to give
And they won’t believe the fire we’re igniting
When there’s so much of life to live…

No they can’t believe the reason for the fighting
When there’s so much of love to give
No they can’t believe the fire we’re igniting
When there’s so much of life to live…

So here we are floating…

Copyright Japetus © 2012 All rights reserved.


released December 7, 2012
All words and music through Japetus.
© All rights reserved 2012.

Originally transcribed by Japetus on August 1st 1987.
All instrumentation, vocals and arrangements by Japetus.

Recorded, engineered and produced by Japetus in two sessions - 9th July to 9 August 2012 then 1st November to 8th December 2012.
Recorded in Japetus Studios, northern New South Wales, Australia.



all rights reserved


Japetus Byron Bay, Australia

A multi-award winning multimedia artist creating a range of products including ambient albums, nature videos, artwork, creative writing...

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