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Mystic Pathways Series

The Egyptian Book Of The Dead / Kundalini Yoga is the third album in The Mystic Pathways series. This series is a collection of ancient traditions brought into a modern setting as a meditation tool based on the five elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit.
The Egyptian Book Of The Dead opens with preparation in the pyramid being wrapped in bandages before undertaking a journey into the underworld and finally being reborn as a sky god. The second part Kundalini Yoga orgasmically explodes from the base chakra up to the crown where Shakti and Shiva are joined in a celestial marriage.

The Mystic Pathways series is as diverse and colourful as the elements themselves and each tradition offers a well trodden insight into these ancient practices. With the music and the spoken visualisations there is a complete package for exploring and transforming consciousness.

Double album - Album 1: music with spoken visualisations plus Album 2: music only.


I would like you to imagine that you are now about to undertake a journey of spiritual rebirth through the different regions of the Egyptian underworld. The important thing to remember is that you are taking the role of the Sun-god and this means you will be bringing your light and radiance to the dark regions of the Tuat. You will notice that as you shine your light forth, any menacing images will recede before you, retreating as you pass by. Remember at all times that you are the dominant force in the Tuat - you are the Sun itself - and this is your journey of self-transformation.

Now, as you lie relaxed, I would like you to imagine that, like a mummy, you are protected by embalming bandages. Imagine them first looped around your feet and now imagine that they encircle your body all the way up your legs and your arms and your chest, to your chin: leaving your head uncovered. Accustom yourself to this feeling and sense the protective, armouring quality which the bandages provide. And now focus your consciousness in your head. I'd like you to imagine that your head is filled with luminous spiritual radiance so that you are rather like a beacon sending your rays of light in all directions

And now feel that you are traveling on a boat which is drawn along by other gods who surround and protect you, and that this boat is passing down into the earth along a mighty river. It is a vast and awesome river that stretches before you, but you are its master, and as the boat moves serenely in the waters the darkness fills with the light you send forth.

Imagine also, as you move along, that a wonderful song is coming forth from your heart, and that this is the Song of Life which sustains all positive forms within the Tuat.

Now, as you journey further, you come to the Field of the Gods of Grain and you are given nourishment fresh food from the golden fields to sustain you on your journey. And still you continue and as you go further into the Tuat you hear songs of praise rise up in your honour.


from Visionary Journeys - Sampler, released May 1, 2000
Everything by Japetus. Written visualisation by Nevill Drury www.nevilldrury.com



all rights reserved


Japetus Byron Bay, Australia

A multi-award winning multimedia artist creating a range of products including ambient albums, nature videos, artwork, creative writing...

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